Steve Couch

Boy, that Steve Couch guy really gets around.

He has children’s music, comedy music, makes cartoons and videos to help teach empathy and character development. He does stand up comedy and animated shows for schools and libraries, and even has a comedy audio/video blog about this crazy time-traveling doctor guy from the future!

You should click on these links and find out more! Home Page - Award-winning songs, cartoons, game shows, children’s albums, workshops and live shows with animation that help elementary school counselors and parents of kids two to ten years old train compassion, empathy, bullying prevention and other good character development and social skills. Home Page - Crazy cartoons, silly songs, live performance videos of hilarious stand up comedy and comedy albums about holidays, relationships and the funny quirkiness of life. Warning: the site is rated PG 13 but Steve performs great live children’s comedy and family oriented shows too!

Doctor I. M. Paranoid Blog Page


Doctor I. M. - Amusing audio and video blog from your entertaining time traveling chrononaut, Doctor Ivan Mandelbrot Paranoid, commenting on life in the future and how us past primitive sock monkeys are doing it all wrong! Every episode contains a funny comedy song like Doctor Demento!



For more information, call 563-323-5451 or email: